PIARC (World Road Association) and ATC (Spanish National Committee) are calling for individual contributions on selected topics for the 2nd International Conference on Tunnels which will be held in Granada (Spain), October 2022.

Experts interested to present technical communications on the matters listed below, should send a summary of the text to the Conference Secretariat before 18th July 2021 using the attached link “Call for paper”.

The official languages will be English, French and Spanish and abstracts can be submitted in any of them. This abstract must have a maximum length of 300 words.

All papers must be original work available to be released for publication. Any reference of a political, commercial or advertising nature must be excluded from the papers. The indication of a brand name should be excluded in the title and in the abstract.

The papers should present case studies, research results and/or practical experience related to the topics of this call.

The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by PIARC Technical Committees and decisions will be notified to the authors before 5th October 2021. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper before 22th May 2022. The full papers can be submitted in English, French and/or Spanish (it is recommended to submit in as many languages as possible in order to maximize dissemination).

These will be reviewed by PIARC Technical Committees and decisions regarding publication and requests for amendments will be notified to the authors before 20th June 2022.

The papers will be evaluated on the originality of the content, the technical interest and the applicability and transferability of the results.

Publication of the accepted papers is subject to the registration of at least of one of the co-authors to the Congress.


Experts are invited to submit an abstract using the online facility from the Conference website. Deadline closed 10th October 2021
Deadline closed

KEY Dates

  • 1st March 2021 - Call for papers
  • 18th July 2021 - Limit for abstracts submission
  • 5th October 2021 - Acceptance of papers
  • 22th May 2022 - Deadline for reception of papers
  • 20th June 2022 - Acceptance of papers
  • 22th August 2022 - Final program


Resilience in road tunnels​

Resilience, to analyse how the tunnels remain available with an acceptable level of security under various circumstances, particularly when the normal situation is interrupted.

Management of urban and high traffic road tunnels​

Management of urban tunnels with a high level of traffic and its impact on improving the operation, maintenance and management of traffic in this type of infrastructure.

ITS systems and their contribution to improved operations

ITS systems and their contribution to the improvement of the operation through the application of new technologies that will in turn allow an improvement in safety.

New vehicle propulsion energies and their impact on tunnels

New propulsion energies and their impact on safety. The management systems will change with the use of alternative energies and the types of accidents that may occur in the tunnels will give rise to different consequences than the current ones.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis. The important experiences that have already been acquired in the application of these methodologies, both in the project of new tunnels and in the rehabilitation of existing ones, allow us to analyse different case studies.

Ventilation and Lighting

Ventilation and Lighting. Although they are recurring themes, it is intended to address energy efficiency, optimization of algorithms, impact on the environment and improvement in the control of this type of facilities.

Emergency management

Emergency management. It is also a recurring theme but always necessary for the exchange of experiences in all relief operations in the event of unwanted events and assistance with evacuation.

Adaptation to the regulations

Adaptation to the regulations presenting the state of the art in the different countries of adaptation of their tunnels to the regulations in force at the present time.